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The Speed of Trust

Trust is more than a nice-to-have, soft, social virtue; it is a hard-edged economic driver.

Every interaction, work project, initiative; every strategic or tactical imperative you are trying to accomplish is affected positively or negatively by trust. If your team enjoys a trust dividend, then trust becomes the great “performance multiplier.”  If, on the other hand, your organization is paying a Trust Tax, then everything you do takes more time and costs more money.

This highly interactive work session will help participants increase their personal credibility, apply specific behaviors that increase trust, and learn to engage and inspire their people.

Leaders get results – in a way that inspires trust.

Rather than just teaching principles in a course, Leading at the Speed of Trust institutionalizes new language and new behavior in the context of real work. This powerful framework enables managers to dramatically increase their personal credibility, engage their people in a completely different way, and to be more committed and more accountable for results.

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Leading at the Speed of Trust Training

Leading at the Speed of Trust will provide the mindset, skillset, and toolset that will measurably increase a participant’s ability to deliver results in a way that inspires trust. The content can be delivered online via a virtual classroom or in a traditional classroom setting.

As a result of this work session, participants will be able to:

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